Algorithms in interviews

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When I was first presented with the evidence, like most people, I recoiled in disbelief. Could it really be true that expert judgement was inferior to the judgement spewed out by an unthinking machine? Well it turns out it is. As Meehl points out, the evidence eventually overwhelms you: Algorithms in…

Mediocre Failures

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My children are adopted. They were adopted at the ages of three, four and six. As with nearly all children adopted in this country over the last couple of decades, this means that their early life experiences were pretty terrible. As each was born, their collective experience of life became…

The poetry of silence

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The title for this post comes from an exhibition of Vilheim Hamershoi’s paintings at the Royal Academy in 2008. It was a fantastic collection – mostly of interiors, some populated by solitary figures, usually female, and all suffused in soft pastel blues and cool greys. The paintings are at…

Week in blogs

This week I have read ALOT of blogs. One of the perks of being a teacher is the 2 week Easter holidays. Whilst the majority of that time has been spent building dens and visiting the playgrounds and parks of the local area with my 2 year old boy, I have managed to squeeze in … More Week in blogs